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Special Edition

Disc Boxart/Sleeve Version Build date Notes Download link
Robot-Pirate head logo.png None 8.1.0 1998-30-01 Uses Glide rather than Direct3D.

See separate page for some of its early installment weirdness.

Only known source is a warez scene release.

? Bundled with "Diamond Monster 3D II"?

City release disc front.jpg
Russian City release cover front 2.jpg
City release cover back 1.jpgCity release cover back 2.jpg

Russian City release cover front 1.jpg

"City" release (Russian bootleg) https://piper.old-games.ru/view-2.php?id=19301


Russian bootleg 3dfx disc front
Russian bootleg 3dfx cover front
Russian bootleg 3dfx cover back
8.1.0 1998-30-01 Same as the pirate release

"XXI век" release ?

8.5.1.jpg None 8.5.1 1998-02-13 US "Special Edition"

No MMX logo

Msnet 1.jpg 8.5.1 TODO : TO CHECK Sold with a "MS-Net Pentium II 300 MMX" computer in Carrefour supermarkets in France https://archive.org/details/tonictroublespecialedition-ms-netcarrefourbundle
8.5.2 .png Canadian cover.jpg

Canadian Cover back.jpg

8.5.2 cover canada.jpg

8.5.2 1998-02-17 UK Release (usually loose disc ?)

Canadian release (The one with the cover)

Three characters appear on the Canadian cover but were not included in the game even if initially planned (The Geisha, another asian-looking character next to her and what seem to be a Freddy Mercury lookalike near the logo)

North Plain patch:


(To check : does it only modifies textures.cnt ?)

8.5.2 german.jpg 8.5.2 1998-02-17 German release (disc with "Art. Xxxx" on it). https://archive.org/details/TonicTroubleSpecialEditionGoldenDiscCanada.7z  
Dvd.png 8.6.1 1998-03-31 DVD version w/ special content (videos, soundtrack).  

Apparently, it's the bundle Version Compaq OEM (To check, I'd love to have a pic of the complete bundle / ad ?)

Grabit disc.png Grabit pink.jpggrabit cover 8.6.2 1998-03-30 Rerelease from 2007 https://archive.org/details/TonicTroubleEuropeEnFrDeEsItSpecialEditionRerelease
Tt dvd fr.png 8.6.1 1998-03-31 French version of the special edition DVD https://archive.org/details/TonicTroubleFrenchSpecialEditionDVD-green
Mystique g 2000 disc.png Mystique g 200 cover.jpg 8.6.6 1998-04-30 Matrox OEM version https://archive.org/details/TonicTroubleCanadaEnFrDeEsItSpecialEdition  
Website kiosk.png 8.6.8 1998-07-27 Released as a patch for Matrox OEM versions.

Also exists as the same Matrox OEM disk (mastering ring 4.1 instead of 4.0)

8.7.0 disc.jpg Maxi Gamer Phoenix German package.jpg 8.7.0 1998-09-01 with the ski slope cog https://archive.org/details/TonicTroubleSpecialEditionGuillemotBlackDisc
8.7.4 1.jpg Maxi Gamer Phoenix FR.jpg 8.7.4 1999-04-14 Found in France, most probably in the same graphic card bundle as above (Maxi Gamer Phoenix https://archive.org/details/tonictroublespecialedition8.7.4-guillemotrelease

The list of differences found, in chronological order of versions :

-xx to dvd version :

- A different animation when hitting the guard



Disc Boxart/Sleeve Version Build date Notes Download link
US release.jpg Us release box front.jpg RETAIL MASTER V3 1999-10-13 Original US release http://redump.org/disc/65109/
English re-release.png RETAIL MASTER V3 1999-13-10 European English Rerelease

Contains manuals

North american pc treasures.png RETAIL MASTER V3 1999-13-10 North American "PC Treasures" Rerelease

Contains manuals

Ubisoft exclusive.png RETAIL MASTER V3 1999-13-10

European "Ubi Soft eXclusive" Rerelease

Contains manuals

(Also exists in RETAIL MASTER V5)

UK focus.png RETAIL MASTER V3 1999-13-10 UK Focus Rerelease

Contains manuals



RETAIL MASTER GERMAN V3 1999-22-10 European German Release https://archive.org/details/TonicTroubleGermany

(unencrypted and patched to remove some copy protection)

1999-22-10 German "Bravo Screenfun" 02/02 covermount https://archive.org/details/SF2002-02
Tt re-release disc german.jpg German re-release cover.jpg RETAIL MASTER GERMAN V3 1999-22-10 Re-release in DVD box format (but it's a CD) - German only https://archive.org/details/TonicTroubleGermanRereleaseRetail
German Pointsoft cover.jpg RETAIL MASTER GERMAN V3 1999-22-10 German Pointsoft release – German only https://archive.org/details/TonicTroubleGermanRereleasePointsoft
Chinese disc.jpg 0 - chinese cover.pngChinese cover back.png RETAIL MASTER V3 10/13/99 麻烦大了 (Mafan da le =  Great Trouble)

Chinese version

Zhimadisc.jpg 0 - cover front (1) chinese 1 .jpgCover back (1) zhima 1 .jpg RETAIL MASTER V3 10/13/99 麻烦大了 (Mafan da le =  Great Trouble)

Chinese version

芝麻开门 (Zhimakaimen, Edition

Brazil disc.jpg Brazil cover thumb.jpg RETAIL MASTER V3 10/13/99 Brazilian version https://archive.org/details/TonicTroubleBrazilianVersion  
Tt gen4.jpg RETAIL MASTER V5 1999-18-10 French "Gen4 Magazine" issue 151 covermount https://archive.org/details/TonicTrouble_Gen4_151_cover_disc  
Ubisoft Exclusive FR.jpg Exclusive collection.jpg RETAIL MASTER V5

1999-13-10 European "Ubi Soft eXclusive" Rerelease

Contains manuals

(Also exists in RETAIL MASTER V3)

Exclusive Collection FR.jpg RETAIL MASTER V5 1999-13-10

Tonic Trouble – French version – Exclusive Collection

Contains the French manual

TT Hits collection.jpg RETAIL MASTER V5 1999-13-10 Tonic Trouble – French version - Hits Collection

Contains the French manual

Ttfr disc french.jpg RETAIL MASTER V5 1999-18-10 Original french release https://archive.org/details/tonictroublefrenchversion
Italian retail disc.jpg Italian retail Box back.jpgItalian retail box front.jpg REVIEW ENGLISH 1999-22-10 Italian Release https://archive.org/details/TonicTroubleRetailItalianRelease
ITA computer gold disc front.jpg Ita computer0 - cover front (1) 1.jpgIta computer gold back.jpg REVIEW ENGLISH 2001-01-19 Italian release  

Sold with Computer Games Gold #7  

Kdisc italian.png REVIEW ENGLISH 1999-22-10 Italian release, "K PC GAMES" magazine covermount

Contains manual

0 -disc front 1 spanish.jpg Spanish box front 1 1.jpgSpanish box back 1 1.jpg REVIEW ENGLISH 1999-22-10 Spanish release https://archive.org/details/tt_20190811
Israel disc preview.png ??? ?? Israel release (BUG Byte)

Distributed with a magazine called "Wiz"

Russian bootleg.png ??? ??? Russian bootleg disc
Czech release
Tonic hungary.jpg Hungarian Ubisoft exclusive release
Spanish coleccion clasica front.jpgSpanish coleccion clasica back.jpg ?? ?? Spanish Coleccion Clasica
Tt brazil big box.jpgTt brazil big box back.jpg Brazilian release (big box with embossed letters)
Disc front.jpg
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RETAIL MASTER V3 10/13/99 Portuguese release. The Joypad was apparently given at the counter as a promotional item and not in the box.

Unlike the other big box releases, this one is a "Sleeve" over a cardboard box

Polish cool games release and disc case.png Polish "Cool Games" release

TODO / TO add later :

- Link to the Redump entry only ?

- Tonic Trouble (Retail, box Spain/Dutch version, CD english version)

- Tonic Trouble (original german release, Kraft Ketchup) => only need to add the cover

- Demo discs ?