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Ed you idiot! You blew it boy, you're on your own now! Bring back that container. You got that? Bring back the container! -The General

Ski Slope is the first level in Tonic Trouble (except in the GameBoy Color version, where it's absent). It appears on film at the end of The Introduction, where Ed crashlands on the summit. In the level itself, Ed skids down a snowy mountain by coasting on a discarded frisbee. The bizarre geography of the slopes and odd vegetation make it clear that The Can has taken its toll, even in remote places like these.

Ski Slope (Windows & Nintendo 64)

Phase 1

Phase 2 (rock tunnel)

Phase 3 (Ice tunnel, with ramps)

Phase 4 (the big ramp on the left)

Ski Slope (Special Edition)

The beta version of Ski Slope differs from retail in that it's bigger, and takes more twists and turns along the way. It has a valley with a lake at the bottom, that can be explored on foot once reaching the end of the slope, or upon revisiting the level. To collect all 10 silver spades, Ed will have to return to the level once he's acquired pressurized flask, as well as the stick and blowpipe.

The slope itself has no bottomless pits, fenceposts, hazardous icicles or palmtrees. Instead, Ice Cubes and Snowballs will spawn along the route, and slide down along with you. These objects are passive, driven by gravity, but they can obstruct and hurt you if you collide with them. When you land in the valley after sliding down the slope, the ice cubes and snowballs will land in the water with you. While the snowballs sink, the ice cubes float, and can be used as platforms.

The Slope

The slope can be accessed by starting a new game, or by jumping into the phone booth that rests in the Valley. In either case, Ed will find himself on the precepice of the Ski Slope, standing at the ready with his improvised frisbee bum slider. Behind him is a wooden hut, and in front a starting line in the form of two red and white pinstriped poles with a purple banner spanning across. The banner is enamored with stars, and atop the poles rest golden spheres. Once the player presses the forward button, Ed will launch himself down the slope.

Directly ahead, large spires of ice portrude from the steep snow-covered rock faces that line the slope. As you pass under the large ice arch, an Ice Cube will drop from the top. In the distance, up along the snowed in wall of stone, rests the outline of another adventurer. This is The Daredevil. He will appear several times during the descent.

First Spade

The first silver spade rests in the snow of the straight decline, before the path twists sharply to the left, in a spiral pattern. A ribbon fence prevents Ed from simply circumventing this spiral turn, but the fence can be jumped with the right approach. The spiral converges on two tunnels. The right tunnel spirals up and over the left one, and is therefore the slower route. Whereas the left tunnel is quite short and straight.

Whichever tunnel you emerge from, a spherical contraption that looks like a bear trap will come rolling out of the right tunnel and slide down along with Ed. According to the files, this is a snowball (French: boulnieg).

Emerging from the tunnels, the slope takes a sharp right around a snow back with a mammoth burried in ice. Another Daredevil appears along the left face during the turn, and this tile is hiding a shortcut in the form of a tunnel. Going this way lends Ed a red spade, though heading straight also lends one. Heading straight takes Ed past another couple of ice arches, a bridge over a frozen river, and as the slope banks left, a fake tunnel can be seen on Eds right. This is an illusion and serves no purpose.

The Second Spade

Another snowball will come rolling down the other side of the hidden tunnel, as the slope banks right again, in an S pattern. Chandeliers of ice hang over the turn, and on Eds right, far above, are power lines and a wooden fence. Oddly enough, these powerlines have collision, and are hazardous, even though there is no way to reach them. The S turn converges onto a wide tunnel, where some of the teal blue stone of the mountain is laid bare. Just after the tunnel comes a barnhouse with the doors open that Ed can slide right through. The second silver spade is collected here.

Another Daredevil can be spotted as the slope turns left. Clearing the turn opens up for three routes. On the left is an ice tunnel, and on the right, the slope continues. However, between the two is a bank of snow with a silver spade on top. This middle route is Eds best bet, even if speed is the priority. The middle and right routes will lead to another shortcut cave, which Ed can use to save time. Regardless of the chosen route, they all converge on an enclosed ice bridge. The fourth spade is resting at the end of this birdge, in the center.

The slope zigzags shortly after the bridge, and the ramp will help maintain speed. The slope then does a wide right turn, and from above, another ice cube drops. As the right turn ends, three tunnels appear, stacked on top of eachother. The ramp can be used to reach the tunnel on the top for the fifth spade, which rests near the end.

As Ed comes out of the tunnels, the slope divides into 5 lanes. To save time, try to stay in the middle one, and make sure to grab the sixth spade as Ed comes off the final ramp. It's right in the center. Once off the ramp, Ed will fall into the lake of The Valley.

The Valley

The Valley contains the last 4 silver spades: The seventh spade is on top of the small slope, the eighth spade is in the underwater tunnel, the ninth spade is on a ledge of land, and the tenth spade is behind the big door. To open the big door, you must hit all 4 targets. The targets are 1) on the lowest electric pole, 2) near the snowball cannon at the top of the small slope, 3) on the side of the ice ramp above a useless ledge, and 4) in the underwater tunnel.

Character Appearences

Early Development

Note: This section will cite sources whenever possible, but expect some speculation.


Nintendo 64 Prototype


  • Uniquely, this level appears in the intro for the PC Windows and N64 versions of the game.
  • The Daredevil appears as a texture in every version of the game, despite being cut from the game even prior to Special Edition.